Our Mission

Food Connection Network celebrates food and promotes ideas and projects that help provide food for everyone.

Celebrating Food

We all love savoury dishes, fresh salads, scrumptious desserts, and tasty beverages.

We will provide reviews and recipes to help you explore the wide world of food.

Producing Food

Loutet Urban Farm

Perhaps nothing is more important to the enjoyment and survival of humanity than food production.

Food sources often help define cultures and have driven many changes in History.

We will look at where our food comes from and how to make responsible use of it.

We will also feature ways to grow your own food and improve food sustainability.

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Food Connection Projects

While most of us enjoy an abundance of food, many in our communities and around the world are going hungry or undernourished.

We will profile projects that improving our access and enjoyment of food and are helping those with less get enough food.


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