Here is a deliciously sensual poem about desserts by poet Laurie Melenka.

Desserts by Laurie Melenka

You can listen to Laurie Melenka reading the poem, just read the poem, or read and listen.


Desserts – by Laurie Melenka


What is this time of year
What is this early dark

Gone the blonde brew
of a late summer campfire
clutched in bare fingers
before the gloves come out
One last wafer
Sweet melted delight
seeping out of the edges
Making its way so quickly
From blue to whipped cream skies
And crispy air
The last leavings gathered from fields
Respite from the harvest
And lucky pigs
or not so lucky depending on your point of view
munching on rotting squashes
And one more pumpkin pie
and the sweet scent of an after thought
baked muffins
with late in the season not so fat blueberries
Grabbing a jacket
and thinking it’s so beautiful
and stepping outside seconds later
to a chocolate sky
nibbling on a wedge of leftover almond bark
Breathing in that last bit of day
and the smell of wet leaves
with just a hint of snow

Make way for soft and buttery
And sprinkles and sugar icing
And untenable choices
Things with rinds
and thick slices of marzipan

parceled out and sealed in packets
with ribbons of tartan
And curlicues of satin
On cellophane
And butchers paper
Waxed side in
And heavy pudding
Laced with bourbon
and dripping with hot caramel sauce
Which dribbles down the chin
Captured by a furtive tongue
And not wasted on a linen serviette

And oh dear … the mince
And steamed up windows
From hot stoves and ovens
For warming reddened hands and behinds
Hot apple cider with a dollop of caramel
For the young ones
A shot of tequila for the rest
Festive fare meant to fatten

To weather out the early dark
Of this time of year

About Laurie Melenka

Laurie Melenka is a poet and novelist living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

She is also a Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Vancouver and also does standup comedy.